The Gallery’s Services Include:


  • Installation and care of private and company collections. 
  • Organization of (changing) exhibitions, with a private art preview, introductory speech, catalogue, and catering by request. 
  • Sale and leasing of sophisticated artworks for the provision of gallery space. 
  • Oil paintings of your company or company headquarters painted by established German painters.
  • Art-to-rent (see below), lease an exciting sculpture or a picture for your foyer or exterior, for example.
  • The furnishing of an office or business space with gallery rails to facilitate changing exhibitions/ hanging pictures. 
  • Restoration of paintings and frames.
  • Professional framing. 
  • Gift service, the personal gift for a business partner or co-worker, a unique piece (prints starting at €50), artist calendar, with your logo by request.
  • Etchings, silk-screen prints, and up to 50 hand-carved wood pieces. 
  • Free delivery throughout Germany. 
  • Free, non-binding, “trial-hang” in your potential spaces. Further information is available in the gallery.


Art Consultation- Art in Your Workplace


What investment integrates itself more impressively into the workplace like art?! In this sense we develop a unique, theme-specific concept for the business, fit to the physical conditions, the company philosophy, and the currently available budget. In that way we understand art as a link between the company’s focus, the location and light conditions, and its employees and customers.


Our conceptual groundwork also includes the paring down of possible works so that you can come to a sure decision without having to laboriously study the art market.


Our careful planning and developing of an art concept includes the following points:


  • Personal inspection of the space
  • Determining potential sites for art
  • The arranging of existing images and harmonization with new acquisitions 
  • Preparation and presentation of an art concept
  • Management of costs and invoices, ensuring that you remain within budget 
  • Coordination of appointments for framing and installing artwork

Within this framework we cover the departments of fine art, design theory, cataloging, and restoration. Ultimately, the personal interview at the space is most revealing when it comes to the optimal interplay of art and space. And one more important thing: Discretion and professional advice (total quality management) in the public and private sector are understood.



Thinking about art?


Then let us know or visit our gallery. We look foreword to hearing from you.


Michael W. Schmalfuß




Art to Rent


We furnish spaces (offices/firms/agencies/banks) with modern art. We visit with the customer in the space and develop together which paintings, photographs, sculptures, installations, or art objects are suitable for the individual needs. Select from an artist or a group of artists from an extensive inventory.


The exhibition in the space will be built with the participation of the artist. The artwork can be taken from the artist’s collection or new work can be commissioned especially for you. Thus the exhibition is tailored specifically to your space.


An authentic, immediate access to art is given through the participation of the artist. If desired, the meaning and purpose of the artwork can be discussed at greater depth. It is possible to acquire printed material such as texts or catalogues for each artist. Thematic exhibitions can be developed beyond the aesthetic factor of the works. In this case it is possible to involve artists with different focuses and philosophies.


In addition to public, operational areas we are available for private premises.


The special thing about Art to Rent is the possibility to equip a space with rented art. In this way one can get to know the art for a long time before deciding either to purchase it or to replace it with different works. Overall your space will experience a significant enrichment featuring artwork by GALERIE MICHAEL W. SCHMALFUSS





The artworks can be rented or purchased. The rental period usually amounts to a six-month exhibition. It is possible to extend the rental another six months one time. Subsequently you can put together a new exhibition from the constantly changing artist inventory.


The rental price of an artwork depends on its size and value.


In the case of purchase, the rent paid up until the time of purchase will be credited to the purchase price of the object.


Insurance for the artwork is included in the rental price for the duration of the exhibition.


Payment for the rental is made half in the beginning and half at the end of the rental.



Terms and Conditions


If there is serious interest for an artwork we would be happy to send you a high-resolution image of the desired work in order to better see the details.


When appropriate, it is recommended to contact us and see the artwork in person.


I. General Information


All of our – even future – goods and services including consultations, suggestions, and further services are subject to the following conditions unless modified or excluded with our express written consent. Conflicting conditions of the buyer or beneficiary are strictly prohibited. If we do not object to them when they are received, they will be upheld. Our offers are for supplies, services, and price. The acceptance of an order is made by our written order confirmation or by delivery of the relevant goods or performance of the commissioned service. The buyer or beneficiary shall be bound to a purchase order or contract four weeks from when it is received at our offices. The contract shall be deemed closed when we have accepted the order within this period either by confirmation or by the delivery or performance of the service. The purchase order for goods or services must be issued in writing. The contract is closed when the order is confirmed in writing.


II. Prices


The price of the artwork does not include shipping and handling fees from Marburg/Berlin plus any taxes applicable at the time of the delivery or performance of services. Provided the buyer or beneficiary desires extended insurance coverage and has informed us of this, we shall be reimbursed by the buyer or beneficiary for the insurance premium. Pricing errors are reserved.


III. Terms of Payment


The payment for our supplies and services shall take place in personal transfers without any deductions, or in the case of delivery the customer must pay in advance. If other payment terms are agreed upon in the order confirmation, these terms apply. The buyer or beneficiary may not offset with claims that we dispute. Rights of retention for the buyer or beneficiary – for whatever reason or amount – are excluded.


IV. Delivery Dates and Deadlines


Agreed upon delivery or performance period begins on the date of the order confirmation and refers to the time of dispatch from Berlin or in the case of a sale from another location, the time of dispatch from this location. Should the dispatch be delayed through no fault of ours, it is considered valid with the report of readiness for dispatch. We are not responsible for delayed or omitted delivery caused by our suppliers of goods or services. The delivery shall be extended – notwithstanding our rights relating to the delay on the part of the buyer – by the period by which the buyer is in default with his debts from this or any other contract. Events of force majeure entitle us to postpone delivery for the duration of the obstruction plus an appropriate period for renewed start-up of operations, or to withdraw from the unfulfilled part of the contract in part or in whole. Force majeure includes all circumstances that make delivery significantly difficult or impossible, such as currency or trade policy changes or other government action, strikes, lockouts, breakdowns, poor weather forecasts as well as obstruction of roads, and this irrespective of whether the circumstances occur with us or with a subcontractor. The buyer may demand a notification of whether we will withdraw from the contract or deliver within a reasonable period of time. If we fail to notify, the buyer may withdraw from the contract.


V. Reservation of Property Rights


All delivered goods remain our property (goods supplied) until all claims, regardless of legal reason, including future or later contracts, are concluded. This also applies if payments on specifically designated claims are made.


VI. Transportation Risk


In the case of delivery of goods to a carrier or forwarding agent, the risk passes to the buyer at the latest upon leaving our company headquarters.


VII. Warranty

  1. In the transfer of goods or services the buyer or beneficiary is obliged to examine the goods or services in detail and indicate any defects or absence of assured properties in writing. 
  2. In questions of defect, the type and quality of the works or services supplied are subject to the customs of the art trade.
  3. Any further claims in addition to the previously regulated warranty claims are excluded, and this applies in particular to claims for compensation for damages that are not caused to the goods themselves (consequential damages) except in the case that the buyer is covered through guaranteed properties against such damage. 

VIII. Limitation of Liability


We will accept no liability for compensation claims from impossibility of performance, positive breach of debt from negligence upon contract formation or from inadmissible acts are excluded both against us and against our executing agents (e.g. services executed that were indicated directly by the buyer), except in the case of intent or gross negligence.


IX. Applicable Law, Place of Performance, Jurisdiction, Severability


  1. For this business, and the entire legal relationship between the parties, the law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies. The application of the uniform international sales law of the Hague Sales Convention is expressly excluded.
  2. Place of performance for all obligations arising from the contract is Marburg. Where permitted by law, the place of jurisdiction for all disputes arises from the contractual relationship, directly or indirect, is Marburg. We are also entitled to proceed against the contractor at his general place of jurisdiction.
  3. Should any provision of these terms of sale, delivery, and payment conditions be wholly or partially invalid, the remaining conditions shall remain fully effective.